ADCC Champion and UFC Veteran Dean Lister

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On Tuesday night KGC is normally in session, 6-8 junior bjj in gi, 8-10 senior nogi. But on May 1st it was no ordinary night on the mats, the "Boogeyman" Dean Lister was in the house.I have say, its kind of a big deal for us to have 2011 ADCC champ rolling into our club, bonus, he brings UFC fighter Shannon Gugerty with him, no less. I have had the pleasure of attending his seminars on 2 occasions in the past and can happily say I hit 2 of his techniques in one of my recent competitions. With that seal of approval we had to get him to the KGC lair the next time he was in the country. Through some superb networking by our boy Mark aka "number 2" we secured Dean for Tuesday 1st of May. The assembled grapplers got a master class in armdrag options, sweeps and no Dean Lister seminar would be complete without leg attacks. Dean and Shannon showed great patience in guiding us through the various techniques, highlighting small but paramount details that could be the different between tapping an opponent and being tapped. I looked on in admiration as the participants absorbed and replicated the techniques imparted by the two legends on our mats. We are all looking forward to him coming round this neck of the woods again.

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