Matt Thorton Seminar

Uncategorised • 11th Nov, 14 •


So JK invites me to the seminar with his coach Matt Thornton. Topic, coaching the SBG way.  An easy choice. I get up at 6.30 and hop on the 7.30 morning train to Dublin and SBG Ireland HQ. I arrived in my usual morning manner, tired, groggy and barely coherent. I made my hellos to the rest of the zombie like collective. However this veg like state was quickly replaced with a leaving cert exam like focus when Matt started the seminar by putting us, his pupils on the spot with some coach roleplaying. For the 3 hours of the seminar Matt went through his views, strategies, methodologies and philosophy on what it is to be a coach and how to apply best practice in teaching. Looking round I could see that his words and ideas were hitting their desired target as the group nodded in appreciation and understanding, WE WERE LEARNING. I had a lot to take home and on the 3 and half hour journey back to the kingdom and my KGC brethren, I felt fortified in my position as coach. Now my teaching arsenal has a new format from which I am sure will help in the development of our club. Time and money well spent.

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