2 Day BJJ workshop with European Brown belt Champion Darragh O Conaill

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Friday and Saturday 8th and 9th of February, KGC was delight to host a fantastic workshop with Darragh O Conaill , Gold medallist at the 2012 Europeans NO GI in London. Darragh is one of Ireland’s most accomplished practitioners of BJJ and is also 15th in the IBJJF NO GI world rankings. Darragh recently went on to star in the compelling reality show “THE BJJ KUMITE. ENTER THE BULLDOG”. So with this in mind those that attended the workshop received world class technique and instruction. 
The first 3 hour workshop themed “The Finish” was NO GI. In attendance on the KGC mat were clubs from Cork, Limerick, Galway, Dublin and our own Kingdom warriors. Darragh demonstrated  set ups for the north-south choke which then flowed to taking the back and  the RNC finish and finally onto an East Coast BJJ favourite, Guillotine set ups and finishes. Throughout the whole process Darragh’s attention to detail clearly indicates why he is a world class competitor. At each stage of instruction he showed minor details which have a major effect on the final outcome. For those that watched the reality bjj show, which was most of us, we could see that we were learning the successful finishes that Darragh hit on many of his opponents while over in the States.
The second 3 hour workshop on Saturday morning was GI and it focused on Guard Passing. Another great turnout from clubs near and far. Darragh showed the need for posture, base and correct grip while surfing the guard. Once the masses got comfortable with this starting  position the fun began. Using Marcus Phelan one of East Coasts Bjj rising stars, Darragh showed the Pressure Pass utilising hip isolate throughout. Each pass, knee slice or leg drag always flowed back to same finishing point, isolating the hip. He also highlighted the need for angles rather than power to control your opponent’s hips before advancing to side control.
At the end of both workshops the gathering had time to put in some rolls. It was a sceptical to see how quickly the participants started to hit the passes and submissions that Darragh had just imparted on them. A fantastic two day training with each person leaving the KGC mats with a lot to drill and perfect over the next few weeks. On behalf of The Killarney Grappling Club I would like to thank all those that attended and helped make it a success. And to the Darragh we give our appreciation to a good guy and great representative of Irish BJJ.

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