Welcome to Straight Blast Gym Killarney, Grappling systems involved in the club are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling and Judo. The club trains in both gi and no gi (with and without kimono suit). Grappling systems are designed to use angles, leverage and proper technique rather than pure strength to takedown, throw, control, pin and submit an opponent. It is a system designed for a small weaker person to combat a larger, stronger assailant or opponent.

We at SBG Killarney have an open door policy. We strive to promote a friendly environment that fosters sportsmanship and a positive work ethic. Our classes cater for teens to adults,beginner to advanced.The SBG family are a multi-cultural club with its members coming from Brazil, Poland, Latvia, Russia and of course Ireland.

Head Coach : PJ Lucey.
Assistant Coaches : Mark O Brien, Matt Real.
Head Instructor : SBGi European Director and BJJ Blackbelt John Kavanagh.